One of the most enjoyable aspects of being an architect is working with clients to realise their ideas.  I welcome feedback from clients to improve on my design approach and services.

We are building a straw-bale house and engaged Emma as architect. Emma had the difficult task of working with my existing design and making it work. Throughout the project I enjoyed working with Emma, she was endlessly patient with me. She worked in most of what I wanted and explained why I couldn’t easily have some of the things I had drawn. Emma exceeded expectations and delivered a beautiful result. Council are happy and we are underway. I would recommend Emma to anyone wanting to build a home and not just a house.

New strawbale house, Wild Mountains Trust resident


Emma has re-imagined my kitchen, back deck and dining room area to create a new space that will be both more functional, and far more beautiful to be in. Emma really understands that the kitchen is the heart and soul of my home, and has brought a wonderful new design that I can't wait to cook and eat in, and share with others. Emma's knowledge of environmentally sustainable design is amazing, and she is always looking for ways to make my home more energy efficient, with less ecological footprint, and with outcomes that are truly beautiful. Emma's ability to mix colour, lines, texture, to harness natural light and air flow is amazing. Emma's passion for art and gardening also comes out in her work; she designs in ways that maximise connections with the outdoor garden space, which is perfect for this climate, and does so in ways that are creative, colourful and joyful.

Moorooka Kitchen and outdoor living Proposal


To: Emma Scragg
Subject: Compliments
Hi Emma
I wanted to just let you know that we continue to get some wonderful compliments on the house - everyone loves it and we are constantly singing your praises.....
Anyway I wanted to pass onto you how excited everyone is whenever they see the renos and it's all thanks to you!

Ashgrove extension and alterations

My home is fantastic. We have paved the area under the house and worked on gardens lawns etc and the whole place has been transformed.
I have not been cold so far although I keep the door to the entry closed as the breeze comes down the driveway and straight in.
So I am comfortable and happy.

Ashgrove extensions - Stage 2 Father flat

You should see it now! I am absolutely  thrilled with the whole look and functionality and Oliver has been wonderful to deal with.... It has been great working with you – so easy and relaxed and I am one very happy client.

St Lucia carport

Hills family in their strawbale home