• Wild Mountains straw bale home

    After a slow start, perfecting the layout and finding the right consultants, the strawbale home up at Wild Mountains is well underway.  480 bales took 7.5 hours to move them all up the mountain in two tandem trailers about 7 tonnes.  18 people helped install the bales, including Wild Mountaineers with 7 remaining to compress the bales. South corner - wall to food store Living Room view to northeast 0 Comments

    07 2013
  • Barkers Vale progress

    An epic extension on a tiny scale.  The completed home will be a compact 70 sqm 2 bedroom home with palatial freestanding composting toilet under the neighbouring giant fig tree.  Painting internally is complete except for clear finishing the thicknessed recycled hoop pine trims.  Solar hot water system, wood stove, composting toilet (completion) and wiring in of the retro light fittings remain on the checklist.  And a frost-resistant garden. The home's passive thermal properties worked exceedi…

    30 2013