• Speed Dating a Sustainable Designer

    Come and visit me at this sustainable building show at the RNA showgrounds.  I'll be available for Slow Date a Sustainability Expert on June 20th from 12.30 until 2 pm 0 Comments

    21 2015
  • Barkers Vale Dairy chimney

    The flue to the Rayburn woodstove is now in, adding to the cacophony of gadgets on the roof, just in time for the cooler weather that has arrived.  The garden is flourishing and blooming thanks our green-thumbed resident. 1 Comment

    01 2015
  • Rendering continues

    With a team of three families, the internal walls received their third layer of clay-sand-straw render whilst our small children amused themselves in the sandpit and searching for snacks.   0 Comments

    28 2015
  • Straw Bale Rendering

    With a team of volunteers, the rendering of the strawbale has now begun - by hand inside and with a big machine outside. 0 Comments

    15 2014